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Me and my obsession has come a long way since last couple of years... I definitely still consider myself a beginner and always looking to improve my obsession. I think it is my "CALGON"... It takes me away from my busy life with a wonderful husband and 8yo twin boys... YIKES!!! I never understood how addicting yarn could be until I started knitting.. I have crochet for some time on and off but I never felt attached to it as I do with knitting...

Thursday, August 02, 2007

Back to Knitting I shall Go!!!!

Well, I finished Harry Potter yesterday.... Boohoo!!! I am sad that I finished it too fast... I wish I would have savoured the book a little more... I think she out did herself this time.. I am just upset that it is the end of Harry Potter Books!!! I have enjoyed each and everyone of them.

I have not picked up knitting in a week... I am picking up the needles to get back on track.. I have been kind of in a slump of knitting for the past couple of months. I haven't started anymore NEW projects. I kind of want to get projects that are already started off the needles... It kind of gets boring though.

I am so proud of my sister!!!! I taught her 2 weeks ago how to use the magic loop and start her FIRST PAIR of SOCKS!!!! She is sooooo addicted!!!! Her stitches are perfect and right on the money. I made her cast on more than usuall because I thought she would be tight... (I guessed wrong!!! LOL) what is funny is that the sock fits ME!!!! I told her that her first pair of socks would be a wonderful Christmas gift for her only sister...>LOL!!!!

I cannot wait for her to show pictures of her socks!!!!

School is going to be starting very shortly!!! I think the boys and myself are anticipating it a little.. I think you can only do so much in the summer time before it is WWE everyday in the house...LOL!!!

It is the boys' Birthday Tomorrow!!!! They will be the BIG 8!!! I cannot believe it!!! They both wanted a skateboard (not the ones from walmart MOM!!!) We bought them on Ebay at a GREAT DEAL!!! You cannot go wrong with Ebay!!! Normally the boards and kits are about $116.00 plus shipping. We bought them for $50 +$20 on shipping... $70 (2) is not that bad if you ask me... I was not very keen on buying boards for that much when it will be destroyed in NO TIME flat with my Two!!! LOL My hubby could not wait after he put them together and he gave them their boards last Friday... He also bought them a ramp and a rail that they will get tomorrow.... ( I am deathly scared of this contraption since I have watched so much of SCARRED!!!!) If you haven't watched that show, you would never let your child step a foot on another skateboard.

Have a Great Day!!!


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