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Me and my obsession has come a long way since last couple of years... I definitely still consider myself a beginner and always looking to improve my obsession. I think it is my "CALGON"... It takes me away from my busy life with a wonderful husband and 8yo twin boys... YIKES!!! I never understood how addicting yarn could be until I started knitting.. I have crochet for some time on and off but I never felt attached to it as I do with knitting...

Sunday, August 22, 2010

Oh MY Goodness......

It has been forever since I have blogged and I feel so embarassed... I started a full time job and some very active twins have kept me from really being able to blog... I have not stopped knitting but it seems like the projects take a little longer to finish. I just finished a baby cardi and of course, pressed for time I gifted the cardi with out a pic... The recipient promised that she will be taking a pic in motion..

I hope to start blogging and sending pictures...LOL

I hope all is well

Monday, September 22, 2008

4th of July Family Reunion

Over 4th of July Weekend, we had a nice Family Reunion with my dad's side of the family. It was very nice to visit with my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins.
(Left to Right) My Dad, Me, Uncle Bill, My Sister Anika, My cousin Jessica, Aunt Sandy, and my cousin Kenny. We all have not been in one place for over 15 years. It was nice to catch up and reminise about the younger years... My cousin Jessica was 5 the last time I seen her... Boy has she grown into a wonderful women.. Her Brother Christopher couldn't make it in town this time but definitely will be here next time...
We had such blast!!!! It is so funny how the gene pool works...

My Summer Market BAG!!!!

This Summer Market Bag came in handy for the trips to the pool and camping... I love it!!!! I made it extra long so I could put quite a few towels and other stuff in there. I sewn fabric handles on there to give sturdier strap since bag came out so big. The Bag is made out of KnitPicks Cotlin... I love the colors!!! I have been trying to get away from the PINKS... I see more of these bags in my future...

I can't believe that Summer is over though... I think I will repurpose this bag for going to the Farmer's Market on the weekends...

Shalom Cardigan

I knitted the Shalom Cardigan with Bernat Softee & Chunky in the black. I still have not found a button that has really caught my eye but the perfect weather is coming to wear and I cannot wait.

This was a very quick knit (5 days) and I really wouldn't mind knitting up another one in a different color. On Ravelry, they have many different variations of how it is knitted up.

I just seen one the other day that was knitted with a cable piece... It was really pretty... I have been looking for another cardi to knit up for the Fall as well... I just have not found anything that has struck my eye at the moment.... Ü
I have envisioned some lovely hats and sweaters in the months ahead... I am hoping I can knit some up...

Have a Wonderful Day!!!!

Glow in the dark Skull Hat

Glow in the dark
Originally uploaded by Knit_Diva
I know it has been ages but I wanted to share a couple of projects that I have finished in the last couple of months that I haven't been able to post.

I found the Bernat Glow in the Dark yarn at Michael's and I bought 4 skeins of the Worm White. I know the picture is not at all perfect but it does really glow bright. The glow does not stay as long as I hoped but the boys LOVE it!!!

Of course, since I have twin boys that I have to make 2 hats. I am finishing up on the 2nd hat as we speak... I am still on the first skein. So, I don't know what I will be doing with the other 3 skeins. I will find something to play around with it...

Today, is officially FALL!!!! I cannot believe that we are already in the fall season... I get happy though when the leaves start changing because it just pumps me up for the KNITTING season.. I can play with any YARN out there at this time of year... Wool is horrendous in the Summer...hehe

More Pics of projects to come...LOL


Wednesday, June 04, 2008

Oh My Goodness, The Brighton is Done!!!

The Brighton Bag is done.. I finished it the end of May... I will have to say that it was worth all the blood sweat and tears that I went through to use it on a daily basis... I absolutely LOVE this bag!!!!! It is BIG and spacious and I could not be happier... My wrist is thanking me that I am done with this project.

It took me about 2 months to finish this bag because of the pattern stitch... I could only do about 2 repeats before my wrist was hurting...

I started on the Everlasting Bagstopper and will be done with that bag shortly... I will definitely be using this bag for the summer months to hold sunscreen and pool stuff...

My boys are out of school and they are about to start summer school... We have Open House tonight!!! They are so ready for summer.. The weather in the Midwest has been exceptionally weird for the past couple of months... Right now we are dealing with LOTS of Rain and Thunderstorms... It is Tornado season!!!! You are always on guard... We have had Tornado's hit when it was nice and sunny outside with no looks of rain in the forecast. Missouri has such weird weather... Right now, it is HOT, HOT, HOT and Humid.. It is suppose to be 92 today... But it looks like it is going to rain....

We have been so busy with our store and racing for the past month and a half that I haven't had much time to relax...

My Hubby had Lasik done a little over 2 weeks ago... I bought 2 NEW EYES!!! (At least that is how it felt when I seen how much I was paying) We opted to go with the Lifetime plan (Custom Lasik) where we would not have to pay again for any future enhancements!!!! The first day was a pain in the behind!!!! He could not fall asleep after the surgery... I tried everything besides a tranquilizer to make him fall asleep... It took about 6 hours for the pain to finally subside and he could open his eyes... The first time I could pry his eyes open to put his antibiotics in, his eyes were bleeding... (TALK ABOUT SCARING THE CRAP OUT OF YOU) When putting the suction on his eye to cut the lense, his blood vessels broke... He still has an eye that is blood shot a little.

The Next morning, he felt like a million bucks... He woke up about 4:30am. ( I guess to look at himself in the mirror for a couple of hours...hehe) It has been so cute lately because every second he has, he is outside looking at trees (the leaves on the trees)... He has worn glasses since he was in 3rd grade... Every night he looks at me with a smile on his face and says, "I just feel like I need to go take my contacts out." LOL!!!!

Last night, we were going to bed and I seen him grab for his glasses on his face to put them on the night stand.... ROFL!!!! I asked him, " Did you just try to take your glasses off? LOL" He told me every night he does it out of habit...

I asked him what he wanted me to do with his prescription glasses and sunglasses and he told me to keep them.... ( I don't know what for since his eyes are at 20/25) The day after surgery he got to buy his first pair of cheap sunglasses... I am so happy for him!!! I have been begging him to do this for the past 5 years... If it wasn't for me, he probably would have backed out at the last minute again...

Sorry this has been a long post. I know it has been forever since I have blogged and I guess I am trying to make up for it.... My Bagstopper will be up soon...

Have a Great Day!!!! Ü

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Thursday, April 17, 2008

Knitty Pattern Update!!!

I started on the Knitty RPM socks last night while watching Men in Trees and Criminal Minds... I stopped watching American Idol since Michael John got voted off... What a rip off!!

I did one pattern repeat and I am liking how it is turning out. I am hoping that the Perchance to Knit Black Rainbow is the right combo... I wanted to find a pattern that hasn't been done in this yarn and show how pretty the colors blend together... The Yarn base is like "Butter"... I absolutely love how it rolls through my fingers...hehe She is pure Genius because the colors are vibrant and absolutely LOVELY!!! I cannot wait to put these on my tootsies...LOL
On the other hand I have made a little progress knitting on the Knitty Brighton. The yarn is KnitPicks Cotlin in the Linen. I am almost finished with the first ball. I will say that it is slow going since the K3TOG's are killing my wrist. I have been trying successfully to knit at least 1 pattern repeat. I have to have 13 and 1/2 inches before I am done and I have around 6 inches.... I am definitely going to block this purse...

I haven't picked out what fabric I want to use for the liner yet but I want to be almost done before picking out my selection. It is going to be my summer bag. I think I might sew in a water bottle holder in the material. I am hoping it is big enough that I can fit quite a bit in when we go to the pool... I hope I will have some more progress on both of these projects very soon...

Hubby has been out of town and believe it or not my house is clean, laundry is done, supper has been on the table, business is running smoothly, and I have been able to get some knitting done... Woohoo... The boys on the other hand are missing daddy and counting down the days on when he will return... I don't tell hubby but I am missing him too... My puppy has been my sleeping partner which has helped... We have a lot planned for this weekend to keep the boys occupied...

Have a Great Week!!!

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Tuesday, April 15, 2008

pink punk socks finished!!!

pink punk socks finished!!!
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Oh, I ttotally forgot to post a pic of my pink punk yummee yarn socks that I finished a little while ago... I absolutely LOVE them.. So SOFT!!! I did the afterthought heel so it wouldn't mess with the striping... I really do love these socks.. I think I have to say that these are my favorite by far out of all the socks that I have knitted... I love them!!!!

Bolero in Action

Bolero in Action
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It has been awhile...woohoo.. I am so thankful Tax Season is officially over for this household... Our county was given an extension for the Flooding that our town and surrounding towns endured... Mine went in on time and that is all that counts... I am glad it is over...

Even though I have not been much of a blogger lately I have been knitting and reading... I finished my Lace Bolero and I fell in love... I wish I had a better picture but it is hard to take your own picture in the mirror. I bought me a nice little summer dress just for this bolero... I might make me a couple more of these in some other colors...

I started some Knitty RPM in the Perchance to Knit Black Rainbow... I am hoping that this pattern will give it justice. If not, I think I might just do a stockinette... I have never seen any RPM's made with it so I think it is a gamble.. But, I am willing to take the chance.

I am knitting on the Knitty Brighton and I have close to about 6 inches... The K3TOG's hurt my wrist and so I cannot work on it for a long period of time...

I am hoping I can get some pics to show you my progress...

We are going to have some wonderful weather... I cannot wait!!!!

Wednesday, March 19, 2008

Diagonal Ribbed Hat

diagonal rib hat #1
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Not much has been going on here... The snow has stopped in the area but the rain has taken its spot. There are many cities and counties that are flooded or on the breaking point. Some places have had 6-7 inches of rain the past 2 days... Can you believe that!!!! It has finally stopped for the time being. I think it will be raining this weekend for Easter also.

I was playing with some stitch patterns the other day and made this baby ribbed hat. I don't like the decreases that I picked and so I will be trying out some others to see if it looks ok.

I have also been knitting on my second Pink Punk sock. I have about 3 1/2 inches on the leg... I bought some KnitPicks Cotlin the other day and started on the Ribbed Lace Bolero in a Hot Pink. I really like the Knitty 2008 Brighton bag and bought some Cotlin for that. I bought some Lime Green to do the Everlasting Bagstopper also. I want an easy bag for the summer months.

Plumpy and I are PROUD owners of Perchance to Knit Black Rainbow. It is being shipped today and we cannot wait to get our hands on this sock yarn.. We have been drooling over this colorway for awhile now and we can't wait to knit up some socks with it. I know Plumpy already has a pattern for hers but I haven't decided yet...

I hope everyone has a wonderful Holiday!!! My boys start Spring Break tomorrow and don't go back until Tuesday. They don't get a full week like the other schools around us. The teachers were kind enough to take 2 conference days that they were suppose to be off to work so we will not have to make up snow days... I am so happy because no one wants to go to school after Memorial Day...

I am so ready for Summer to be here!!! Ü

Tuesday, March 04, 2008


Ms. Mother Nature can you PLEASE give us a BREAK!!!!! I have really seriously thought about moving my family this past month... This past weekend we had some beautiful weather. Saturday, it was in the hight 60's and then Sunday it was 80 degrees. Monday we had a Wintry Mix with Rain, Freezing Rain, and Sleet. This Morning at 6am it started with SNOW, SNOW, and MORE SNOW!!!! It is after 6pm and it is finally dying down. We have close to 8 inches on the ground... What a Crock!!!!! Of Course, the boy had a DAY OFF and this is what they did. The sleds were not utilize as much as the 4-wheelers...LOL!!!!

I finished my first Pink Punk Sock and starting on the 2nd sock!!!!! I did the Afterthought Heel. I did not want the sock to lose its look of the stripes... I think these are my favorite socks of the moment I have knitted.... I knited the Leg longer than I usually do but I do like the length of this sock... I think that these colors look perfect together... I cannot wait to wear the pair.

I guess the only advantage of this crappy weather is I get to finish up on some knitting... Please keep us in your thoughts... Not only do we all have kids that are even sick the snow days but now they will be going longer into the summer for school... WONDERFUL!!!!!