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Me and my obsession has come a long way since last couple of years... I definitely still consider myself a beginner and always looking to improve my obsession. I think it is my "CALGON"... It takes me away from my busy life with a wonderful husband and 8yo twin boys... YIKES!!! I never understood how addicting yarn could be until I started knitting.. I have crochet for some time on and off but I never felt attached to it as I do with knitting...

Monday, September 22, 2008

4th of July Family Reunion

Over 4th of July Weekend, we had a nice Family Reunion with my dad's side of the family. It was very nice to visit with my Aunt, Uncle, and cousins.
(Left to Right) My Dad, Me, Uncle Bill, My Sister Anika, My cousin Jessica, Aunt Sandy, and my cousin Kenny. We all have not been in one place for over 15 years. It was nice to catch up and reminise about the younger years... My cousin Jessica was 5 the last time I seen her... Boy has she grown into a wonderful women.. Her Brother Christopher couldn't make it in town this time but definitely will be here next time...
We had such blast!!!! It is so funny how the gene pool works...

My Summer Market BAG!!!!

This Summer Market Bag came in handy for the trips to the pool and camping... I love it!!!! I made it extra long so I could put quite a few towels and other stuff in there. I sewn fabric handles on there to give sturdier strap since bag came out so big. The Bag is made out of KnitPicks Cotlin... I love the colors!!! I have been trying to get away from the PINKS... I see more of these bags in my future...

I can't believe that Summer is over though... I think I will repurpose this bag for going to the Farmer's Market on the weekends...

Shalom Cardigan

I knitted the Shalom Cardigan with Bernat Softee & Chunky in the black. I still have not found a button that has really caught my eye but the perfect weather is coming to wear and I cannot wait.

This was a very quick knit (5 days) and I really wouldn't mind knitting up another one in a different color. On Ravelry, they have many different variations of how it is knitted up.

I just seen one the other day that was knitted with a cable piece... It was really pretty... I have been looking for another cardi to knit up for the Fall as well... I just have not found anything that has struck my eye at the moment.... Ü
I have envisioned some lovely hats and sweaters in the months ahead... I am hoping I can knit some up...

Have a Wonderful Day!!!!

Glow in the dark Skull Hat

Glow in the dark
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I know it has been ages but I wanted to share a couple of projects that I have finished in the last couple of months that I haven't been able to post.

I found the Bernat Glow in the Dark yarn at Michael's and I bought 4 skeins of the Worm White. I know the picture is not at all perfect but it does really glow bright. The glow does not stay as long as I hoped but the boys LOVE it!!!

Of course, since I have twin boys that I have to make 2 hats. I am finishing up on the 2nd hat as we speak... I am still on the first skein. So, I don't know what I will be doing with the other 3 skeins. I will find something to play around with it...

Today, is officially FALL!!!! I cannot believe that we are already in the fall season... I get happy though when the leaves start changing because it just pumps me up for the KNITTING season.. I can play with any YARN out there at this time of year... Wool is horrendous in the Summer...hehe

More Pics of projects to come...LOL