Knit Diva

Me and my obsession has come a long way since last couple of years... I definitely still consider myself a beginner and always looking to improve my obsession. I think it is my "CALGON"... It takes me away from my busy life with a wonderful husband and 8yo twin boys... YIKES!!! I never understood how addicting yarn could be until I started knitting.. I have crochet for some time on and off but I never felt attached to it as I do with knitting...

Monday, October 24, 2005

Cell Phone Cozy

Well, I was bored today and have been working on my HP scarf and Clapotis and needed a break from it... I was surfing the web and find this really cute Cell Phone Cozy pattern. I shorten the pattern because cell phone's these days are so small...hehe This one is going to my mom since she just got a new cell phone... This Diva doesn't carry a cell phone... (Can you believe it!!!) Haven't carried one for 2 years and LOVE every minute of it...

I plan on making a strap on the back of the cozy for my mom to attach it to her belt loop... It will probably have either the same button as the front or a small black button... Probably the latter NOW thinking of it...hehe

It was so cute and SOOOO EASY to make... I will definitely be making some more of these... I did it with the Caron brand black yarn... It is soft enough not to scratch the face of a phone...

I am slowly but surely getting my yarn out to take pictures... I have another closet to get to and a basket to untangle a couple of skeins of yarn....LOL

I hope you have a nice Day!!! It is brrrrrrr chilly today!!!!

TaTa for Now!!!!

Thursday, October 20, 2005

I Did it!!!! I Did It!!!!!

OK, so I have some GOOD NEWS today!!!! YEAH!!! I finally have figured out my sock... I am on the decreases of the gusset and almost ready to do the foot!!! I am so excited I figured it out... I am hoping I have the same luck on the second sock that is right at the picking up gusset part...LOL!!!! I will make sure to show pictures after I finish the decreases... I stalked Wendy "Plumpknitter" to call me so I could give her the good news!!!! What a BIG accomplishment for the day!!! I can check mark by "Wanting to learn to knit socks for the year!!!!

Anyway, I know it has been almost a week since I last posted.... Busy, Busy, Busy!!!! I worked All Weekend on those Pencil toppers and dropped them off at school Monday!!! I was so glad to be done with that project. The boys and I picked out Halloween pencils to put them on... It was a cute projects but my little fingers were done with the itchy scratchy acrylic Red Heart Yarn when I was done....LOL!!!

I went to Hobby Lobby with my mom last week and started on my Harry Potter scarf... I love the colors and I started doing it in the round... Well, needless to say, You can see the picture of the scarf but it magically disappeared into froggy land.... ROFL!!! I thought it was TOO BIG at first and then I wasn't happy with the changing of the colors. So I ripped it ALL out!!! Then I was so mad at myself because after I started thinking about it, it was the right width and the changing of the colors wasn't that noticeable. So this is the time that I could use a little magic to make it reappear but OH WELL!!! i casted back on again this week...hehe This will take me forever so I might make a hat and mittens in the mean time...LOL

I Have been stash tagged by Knitting Satori!!!! YEAH!!! You don't know how hard this is going to be...hehe I have yarn stashed in places ALL over the house!!!! It will probably be this weekend before I pull them out but it will definitely help me out to check out what I really do have... I know I don't have NO extravagant stash like others I know but it will be fun to see those skeins I forgot about and scheme up projects for...hehe

Welp, that is all for now folks....hehe I couldn't resist taking this picture the other day... That is what happens when your little guy goes a FULL day of kindergarten....LOL!!! He is so exhausted after school... He actually fell asleep like this.. My boys are into wearing costumes and of course when Halloween comes around they get ALL their old costumes out and "DUKE" it out in the Living Room....hehe

Have a Great Evening!!!! This Chick gets to go to the Pumpkin Patch with her boys tomorrow... I will have some pics to put up tomorrow...hehe

tata Ü

Friday, October 14, 2005

My New Button..hehe

OK I have to admit that I am a little dumb when it comes to working with the back office of Blogs...hehe I am slowly but surely learning how to do this on my own...LOL I finally worked in my PSP 8 (Which is like trying to read chinese and not know the langauge...hehe) I have sat up many nights playing around with that program but I was a little rusty when I started back again....LOL

I took my pictures from Alley Springs MO and distorted the picture a bit and got the size I wanted and put my name in the box... Not too complicated... WELL, I have had that ready for weeks and didn't know how to put it in the html form in my back office... I am so dumb... I hope I did it right... If I didn't and you find out that I did it backwards or something PLEASE let me know....hehe

I have started on my HP scarf in the round and I am on my last 10 pumpkins... I know I am slow this week...hehe But having Food Poisoning didn't help either... I had this brainy idea that I could do 2 at a time to get done faster afterI already have 17 done.... grrrrrr OH WELL!!! I couldn't find my hot glue gun so I bought one from hobby lobby to glue the googly eyes on and do the mouth... I will solely be working on these babies this weekend to send them to school with the boys....LOL

I bought bunches of yarn at Hobby Lobby yesterday with my mom... My mom is going to make a HP scarf and a Ravenclaw with me.. I also got more TLC yarn to make another scarf since my Surf and Turf was out of stock and I am out of yarn for that scarf... I might have to frog this project and make gloves or something with it... darnit!!!! I also bought some more sock yarn... AND, I still don't have my first ones finished...hehe

Anyway it is FRIDAY!!!! yeah!!!

Have a Great Weekend!!! Ü I am hoping I will have my scarf posted this weekend so you guys can see my progress...

Tuesday, October 11, 2005


WELL, yesterday I went to the famous HOT and STEAMY romance book club with my Aunt, cousin (Plumpknitter), and my mom... Romance is not my cup of tea I guess.. I don't mind a little love story but reading a book with scenes that are so explicit is not for me....(Call me weird...LOL!!!!) I did get a book from Plumpknitter yesterday that I am reading "How to Marry a Millionaire Vampire"... It seems like it will be good...

Anyway, I ate a muffin at Latte Da yesterday while I was there and got sick.... shhh didn't want to spoil everyones fun... I was sick ALL day yesterday... (I only ate half of my muffin and saved it for later because it WAS really GOOD!!!!) (How stupid was I... I didn't think it was the muffin) Well, later that evening I sat down with my son (Jacob) and ate a couple of bites and gave it to him... A half an hour later, HE was throwing up and didn't stop until this morning... I was up ALL last night ALSO!!!! YUCK!!!!

THEN, 5am this morning hubby got up and got sick and has been sick ever since. I told him I guess it is a stomach flu because he didn't eat the muffin... He told me that he had a BITE out of it too!!!! Can you believe this!!!!! Off one muffin, 3 people have used the bathroom more than one should ever have to..

Thankfully my little man (Logan) did not have any of the muffin and he was fine this morning and went to school...

What sucks is it is Picture Day today and Jacob is DEVASTATED!!!! They have retakes so that is no biggy but for a 6 year old boy it is the world to him..

Well I know you guys didn't want to hear this but TODAY this girl will be lounging and doing a little cleaning and maybe get my little pumpkins done today... We will be taking it easy..

Sunday, October 09, 2005

I am so into Live Cam feed...hehe

I have been watching the Safari over at the National Geographic and then I seen this also... It is a Panda and its mom at the zoo.... SOOOOOO cute!!!!!

Panda Cam

I have been working my fingers to the bones trying to finish these pumpkins... I guess all my other projects are on hold until I get these done... DARNIT!!!!!

I think I am going to make me a scarf for the HP knitalong...hehe BUT, the problem is; I don't know if I want to do Ravenclaw or Gryffindor... I really like the colors to Ravenclaw... That might be my pick for now...

Yesterday me, hubby and boys went to watch my DAD go through the Petty Nascar School....hehe He did a ride-a-long and then went around the track himself 8 times.. YEAH for him!! He turned 50 last month and it was the best b-day gift my mom could have given him...LOL My dad didn't want my hubby feeling left out so he paid for him to do a ride-a-long... He was on cloud 9....LOL!!!! They both got plaques of them in the car... What a day we had...hehe

Well when we were there this little girl had a hooded cape on that was TOO CUTE!!! I told her mom that it was so adorable... She told me that her mom bought it in Ireland when she went on vacation... It has inspired me to look for a pattern and make this for my niece... When I find the right pattern I will post it...

I hope everyone is having a nice lazy Sunday!!!


Thursday, October 06, 2005

Well the sock made it out of the HOLE!!!!

Well, I had enough patience yesterday to undo what I screwed up....ROFL!!!! It didn't give me any grief frogging the BAD part!!! Thank Goodness.... I put it back in the hole it came from until I can go see my Aunt or cousin to help me along... I think I need someone to just show how to do the instep of the sock... The picking up gussets were OK but I messed it up when they started telling to switch different needles here and there and EVERYWHERE... I think I was over analyzing the pattern... I just need a little bit of an encouraging person to help me along.

It is so nice to have knitting genius' in the family to help me when I get frustrated... So that is the episode of the Pain in the butt sock...hehe


Wednesday, October 05, 2005

Those darn SOCKS are stuffed away in a HOLE!!!!

I am so fed up with my socks that I literally threw them acrossed the room last night trying to pick up gusset stitches.... YUCK!!!! I have it all messed up... I will be frogging what I screwed up after I cool down and the socks know what they did to my ego....LOL!!!! I thought I was ready to move on but I guess not... I will have to get a little lesson from my Aunt or cousin to figure it out... BUT, for now they are hidden away in a lonely dark place so they get the drift that I am mad at them.... I couldn't sleep last night because I was so ticked at those socks....

On another note, Clapotis came back out today and is resting on my lap for now... (Until I get bored again with the Salmon color...

Yesterday I was at my moms and almost broke my ankle. I tried to attempt to walk down a step by her door and my ankle gave out and I took a dive to the concrete... YIKES!!! I skinned the skin right off my left shin... I didn't even feel it, I was too worried about my ankle....ROFL!!! My mom was screaming at me to get in the house. I told her I was going to be fine and I looked down and I was bleeding everywhere.... GREAT!!!! Mommy doctored me up and I went home...

This is what it looks like today... Pretty gross huh????

Monday, October 03, 2005

I have been a Bad Blogger!!!

Well it has been so hectic this past week with scheduling that I haven't had a chance to really blog post lately... We went to an Annual Pig Roast with the kids Saturday and had a blast... It was down in Fredricktown Missouri and friends of the family have been doing this Pig Roast for over 23 years...hehe We brought our ATV's to ride and let everyone else ride too...hehe The have a beautiful Log Cabin with LOTS of acres. Most of everyone camps but last year got down to 32 degrees and I was not gonna be stuck in a tent again being so cold... The boys rode and roasted marshmallows, road bikes, played football, kickball, and some baseball... They were out before we hit the road....ROFL!!!!

Then to top it off, SUNDAY we let the boys spend some time with their wonderful Aunt..hehe WE went ATV riding for the day... FUN FUN!!!! I was so exhausted when I got home Sunday. I did some laundry and relaxed the rest of the evening..

Today my boys had Grandparents Day and were doing a talent show so I couldn't miss it and so I tagged along...hehe We got to eat lunch with them and take a tour around the school with them... It was a lot of fun...

Well, back to the grime of things and many pumpkin toppers to make... (I am still working on these little boogers....LOL!!!) I thought I would share my socks with you all... I am at the point of picking up stitches for the gusset.. I will have to say that the turning of the heel was a lot of fun... I can't wait to get them done so I can try out a different pattern...hehe

I hope everyone is having a wonderful Monday!!!