Knit Diva

Me and my obsession has come a long way since last couple of years... I definitely still consider myself a beginner and always looking to improve my obsession. I think it is my "CALGON"... It takes me away from my busy life with a wonderful husband and 8yo twin boys... YIKES!!! I never understood how addicting yarn could be until I started knitting.. I have crochet for some time on and off but I never felt attached to it as I do with knitting...

Sunday, March 26, 2006

So it feels like ages!!!!!

It is totally my fault!!! I haven't really even had time to gawk at other blogs...LOL!!!! I have been knitting.. I finished another cabled purse. It just SCREAMS spring/Easter....hehe I have to put a liner in it. I also have been working on 2 more cabled purses... Can you tell I am addicted to this pattern. It is soooo easy!!!!

My boys have been off since Thursday and it has made me appreciate School Days...ROFL!!! There is nothing like two siblings beating each other up every waking moment....LOL!!!! Oh Well I guess I can survive until tomorrow....

I have been looking for the right yarn to start a pattern that I created. I have had this pattern in the making but just did not know how to go about it...

I think I might have to go on a mission to find the right yarn so I can start it..

It was thought up from one of my all time favorite shirts that I adore. I just want to see if I can knit it.

Hopefully, coming to you soon is a wonderful creation and not a Disaster....ROFL!!!!

Have a Wonderful Sunday!!!!


Wednesday, March 15, 2006

A little something for ME!!!!!

I have been fighting the knitting blues lately!!!! LOL I can't find a pattern that interest me and nothing has popped out at me... GRRRRRR I have been checking all my magazines and came across this ungodly ugly pouch for the "Red Hat Society"

I decided to kind of go by the pattern but not do a seed stitch pattern. I wanted to experiment with intarsia so I knitted up
"Knit Diva" on my pouch. This little pouch has some issues but I think it came out really cute... I am still working on it.. It will be used for small projects like socks or holding my little odds n' ends.. I am going to knit a little wristlet to go with it so I can work on the move...hehe

It is still a WIP but I think I like it and maybe it will get the juices flowing for new projects to come...hehe

I think to keep me going I am going to start on my afghan squares.. They will be fast and easy to accomplish...

Faery Crafty had a wonderful website that has over 1.000 patterns on their site for free!!!!! Check them out Garnstudio!!! I haven't went through them all but they have some wonderful patterns... I have my eye on some wonderful sweater patterns in there.

It is Knitting Group today!!!! I think I might bring my camera today. I think we will have a FULL HOUSE today!!!! LOL!!!! I am starting on a NEW cable bag for EASTER!!!! LOL I am participating in Plumpy's BAG ME KAL. I was undetermined on what I wanted to felt so I passed on that one but since the next one can be felted or not I am going to do one of those cabled bags in some pastels with some embellishments...hehe

Will have pics later of the knitting group... The weather is BEAUTIFUL!!! ENJOY IT!!!!


Friday, March 10, 2006

Working like an inch worm....hehe

My projects lately have been greatly mistreated. I did start this week on my Irish Hiking scarf again.. I will sooner or later get this one done... I going to try to claim my needles back from some of my projects... Today would have been a perfect day if it wasn't for the boys having the day off....ROFL!!! I took them to go see Curious George with a friend of mine and her son.. I thought the movie was cute but I think a little on younger side.

My one son did everything in his power to get out of his seat every chance he could get... Going to the bathroom 50 million times and then in a 15 minute period telling me he has to go again... GRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRRR!!!! I told him that he would have to WAIT because the movie had 5 minutes left.... WHAT does HE DO!!!!!!! He PEES in his PANTS!!!!!!! A 6 yo peeing in his pants is not a pretty site... At that time I was ready to come home and take a NAP!!!!! Needless to say, I didn't get my nap!!!! LOL

Anyway, enough with the WOES of my life of having TWINS!!!! ROFL

PLUMPKNITTER and I have search top to bottom and back and forth for a really good magic loop sock pattern... OF COURSE, you can change your patterns over to accomodate the magic loop but who really wants to think about it when you want some CARE FREE knitting... Both of us like the anklet type style sock but I was kind of getting creative and think about a pattern for a longer sock... There are not enough patterns out there that love the concept of the magic loop... So why not make up our own.... So COMING to a BLOGGER near YOU!!!!! Patterns coming to the appreciative...hehe

I enjoy that most people on the blog network share some wonderful and creative patterns... I only feel that it is appropriate to give back the LOVE...

I plan on going to the craft fair tomorrow at our local school to check out what is HOT in the crafty world...LOL!!!! Some ladies that knit up scarves are selling them for ungodly amounts... I just get a kick out of it!!!!

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Saturday, March 04, 2006

You ever wonder........

If you went down a different path and how your life would have turned out????? ROFL!!!! Since I am a Capricorn I always felt like I had my dreams and my ambitions and a DRIVE that would not stop unless I got there... Believe me I do not take back anything that has happen in my life one bit but sometimes it makes you ponder...

I feel at a young age I knew what I wanted and who I wanted to be with for the rest of my LIFE!!!!! LOL In the process of being with someone for 5 years and losing who I really was really changes your outlook on things....ROFL!!!!

You have to understand a little bit about me..... I was the preppy person that only went out with (CERTAIN STANDARDS) people in my day....hehe I always wanted someone with BLUE/Light eyes and dark hair. Jock build. LOL!!!!! Am I stereotypical???? Yes, back in the day... YES!!!!! Someone athletic and had similiar interest.

After being engaged with someone that my family didn't approve of and I knew in my heart that he was not the one I did not want to fail. Failure was not in my vocabulary. But, in return it made me miserable.

One day I was working at my parents Hobby store and some BAD BOY walked in with pitch black sun glasses on, tattoos, piercings and hat on.... (Totally not my type!!!!!ROFL) But, for some reason something made me do a double take over the counter..hehe (As my dad is shaking his head NO at me...ROFL!!! He walked back to get something and the first thing that came out of my mouth was WHO is THAT!!!!! My dad said, Don't worry about it and smiled at me!!!!

Something about my DH was mesmerizing!!! I tell people that it was an arranged marriage because my parents fell in love with him before I ever met him...hehe My dad fought with me for 5 years letting me know that the person I was with was not the person that would take care of me... He told me that DH was a person that would take care of me... We went on our first date and 3 weeks later my hubby proposed to me(after asking my parents..hehe what a gentlemen in disguise)in the teller drive through while I was working. 5 months later got married!!! And have been together almost 9 years...LOL!!!!

My MIL asked him to take out all of his piercings for the wedding. I told her that is who I fell in love with and that is how I want to marry him...ROFL!!!! My DH says the only reason why I married him was for his FAST car... (WELL MAYBE!!!! but that is besides the point...ROFL)

We laugh about it now that if we would have met a couple of years before that I would have never even looked his way...LOL!!! I think sometimes fate plays a part in our lives. Looking at my BAD BOY with tattoos now as a wonderful dad and an in law enforcement(Swore I would never marry someone in that field...hehe)with many high regards I can only thank God for pushing me in the right direction.

FUNNY NOTE: Crystal blue eyes and dark hair....hehe

I know this was long but I feel sometimes things happen for a reason in our lives that are unexplainable until we look back on them and realize it was for the best. GOOD and BAD...

Have a GREAT Weekend!!!!

Happy Saturday???

Hey Everyone,
It is SATURDAY!!!! I would say TGIS but yesterday I had my boys home....hehe They wore me out!!!! I took them both to the Dr's yesterday to be checked for Strep throat...grrrrr About every 2 weeks one has it... (After the other gets off antibiotics) One had it and the other they wouldn't check....grrrr Sometimes it aggravates me to no end when my primary Pediatrician is on vacation and I have to go see the Nurse....grrrrr I just wish sometimes they would just put them both on antibiotics at the same time for my sake... I have already made 4 trips in the past month in a half.... Both my hubby and I have our tonsils and I am just wondering if we are the carriers of it... I had it so much when I was a kid that it wouldn't phase me now... (My pain tolerance is quite high)

Anyway, on knitting news.... I am in a SLUMP!!!!!! I have tried to start on many projects but fell short to my expertise and I FROGGED it... I can't get into my UFO's either... I need a NEW pattern that excites me but I don't know what I want to do... ANY IDEAS???? I will join the KAL that Plumpy has organized but I don't know what I want to felt... Is this NUTS!!!!! I made a wash cloth to get myself out of slump since those are fast and easy to finish but still I feel empty... I need something interesting and fun to work on... I need COLOR!!!!

My socks have annoyed me to no end and have been picked up and thrown acrossed the room....ROFL!!! My gauge on socks is sooooooo tight that I just can't get it right... I am having to go up 2 needle sizes to meet the gauge and then it is still stretched out and looks horrible... What am I doing wrong???? So for the time being I am waiting on my socks....ROFL!!! I want to finish some socks that actually look good but I guess I am too hard on myself right now...

Sorry to be a downer... I guess I just need some fresh new ideas to get me going!!!! I think I might go to Barnes and Noble today to look through some Pattern books... That will get the juices flowing...hehe I might even do some online shopping for some new spring colors...hehe

If you have any suggestions, please feel free to help me out!!!! ROFL