Knit Diva

Me and my obsession has come a long way since last couple of years... I definitely still consider myself a beginner and always looking to improve my obsession. I think it is my "CALGON"... It takes me away from my busy life with a wonderful husband and 8yo twin boys... YIKES!!! I never understood how addicting yarn could be until I started knitting.. I have crochet for some time on and off but I never felt attached to it as I do with knitting...

Monday, August 29, 2005

Shopping on the Agenda!!! LOL

Well we went shopping today at Hobby Lobby.. My Aunt and cousin(plumpknitter) went on a mission... I have not touched foot into a Hobby Lobby and boy have I been missing out...LOL Even though the majority of our selections were different my cousin and I eyed up the TLC yarn and thought how peculiar to put these colors together..hehe I loved it!!! So did she!! We have different projects to do with this yarn but it will AWESOME to see how they come out with this yarn.. We felt so much yarn that was divine that it was hard to pick and choose what I wanted... I wish I would have been a little more organized and had my wish list with me so I could have looked at yarn on a different level... Gosh, I have to get with it...hehe

As you can see MORE dish cloth yarn... The black is to go with my orange I got the other day for my Halloween dish cloths... I can't wait to start on them.. My Aunt bought orange and black to do the same...

The other yarn I bought is to try the Sock craze!!! ROFL You don't realize that the socks I was working on for my Aunt Sherry was stuffed away in my closet after I gave it a LONG talking to with very BAD words and it has been tucked away because of its very bad behavior.. I pulled them out this morning to look at the catastrophic mess I made and I sighed and put them back in its corner... So I guess with this yarn I will have to have a bottle of nice wine to ease into the most feared project I thought I would try.

Here is the next project I have on the needles which I am adoring already... Just love it!!! Can't wait to wrap this one around me...hehe I got these 2 yarns at separate time but the match perfectly.. It might be a little too kiddish for me but I think it would look great with a nice Black sweater.. We will see... If not, it will go to one of my nieces..

I can't wait to sink my needles in all this yarn!!!! So many projects, so little time... Wash rags are in the mail for my exchange buddy.. I hope she likes what I made for her...hehe

Have a Great Evening!!!

Saturday, August 27, 2005

Dish cloth patterns

Dish cloth #1 (Blue, Green and White)

On this dish cloth I do a little different than the pattern.. It tells you to K2 and then slip stitch. I K1 and then slip. I like it better that way...hehe I slip purlwise also.

Dish cloth #2 This is called the Bamboo Variation 1.. This is such a pretty wash cloth with the different colors... Love this one!!!

I bought orange to make Jack-o-lantern wash cloths for the boys' teachers...hehe And of course ME!!!!

Friday, August 26, 2005

Yep, Yarn Shopping it was!!!!

Well I went to help my mom on a job today and after we were done.. We went SHOPPING!!!! YEAH!!! I got a few skeins of yarn and a nice peaceful day to ourselves... We grabbed lunch after a nice time at the Yarn store and chit chatted until I had to get the rugrats off the bus...LOL

The Red/multi colored yarn is 100% wool and I plan on making me a cute purse with that...hehe

I finished my one dishrag and had a really cool pattern that I wanted to try out and so I started on another one... I am planning on having that one done by Monday before I ship it off to my exchange buddy... I took pictures of both.. The colorful dish cloth pic really doesn't show it justice in the picture... I will try to post the patterns for both of them... I am really enjoying the one on the needles though.. Great pattern... AND something different.

Tuesday, August 23, 2005

What's Your Summer Ride????

Your Summer Ride is a Mustang Convertible

You're out to experience the very best of summer.
From the best beaches to the best tan, you want it all!

Well Since Dysfunktional Knitter was posting about her exact car she drives every day.. I thought I might try this survey out....LOL What is so funny is when I go get a "JOB"...hehe I planned on trading my hubby's Monte Carlo in on a NEW Mustang or a Dodge Charger...LOL If I had a Mustang it definitely would have to be a YELLOW with black graphics and if I am not asking TOO MUCH!!!! A shelby model...LOL Which I think will be out next year... That doesn't just scream "HIGH MAINTENANCE".. I don't know what does...
I drive a Dodge Durango right now but it is such a gas guzzler....Grrrrrr At least I do not drive in rush hour traffic in the thing because it would be a nightmare... I did have a Chrysler Town & Country Mini Van... Could you see me driving a mini van???? ROFL (For 3 years!!!) I just felt like it wasn't my time to have a van.. It definitely helped in the early years of the boys but I wanted to have something that was fun and could pull our trailer of ATV's...hehe Since NOW we have 4 bikes to haul my mini van was not going to cut it..
Well on another note: I am almost done with my Wash cloth for my exchange buddy... I have a scarf on the needles also but I am thinking about ripping it out and trying a zig zag pattern... I guess we will see how that goes...
Gosh, the weather was so AWESOME today!!!

Friday, August 19, 2005

Warm Up America!!!!

Well I finally had a chance to take some pictures of some squares I have finished... It is scrap yarn that was given to me from a lady that use to crochet. She didn't have time to crochet anymore so she gave me a BIG bag of yarn and Wash cloth yarn...hehe My mom stole the good Wash cloth yarn but that is NO BIGGY!!! There is some yarn that I would not touch to make something with but it is staying around just in case someone needs it for school project or what not...LOL

Warm Up America is a program that donates to facilities in need. You can donate the finished blankets to your community.. I think it is a wonderful idea and it is easy on the needles when you are bored of doing that grueling project....hehe This summer has been short and sweet projects for me... I just haven't had my mind on the right track to make anything but wash cloths and little projects that only take a couple of hours of my time...LOL

I have a couple of people requesting skull hats for the Fall/Winter time. I have some patterns but just haven't found a yarn to use that wouldn't look girly.. I was thinking along the lines of a stone gray or something like that... You can't go wrong with Gray for men!!! Or black... I might make me one also for those bad hair days that my hair is whipping in the wind. hehe

I hope everyone is having a Beautiful day!!! It is going to be 98degrees today!!! YIKES!!! See what I mean about Midwest Weather... It sucks!!!!


Thursday, August 18, 2005

Off to school they will go!!!!

Well today my boys went to Kindergarten.. You would think that since it was in August that it would have been a NICE day!!!! Well, I guess you cannot count on Midwest weather for anything!!! LOL It was a monsoon this morning when the boys got on the bus.

<-------- Jacob had a little anxiety this morning before they got on the bus but nothing that I couldn't fix.

Now on the other hand, Logan --------> was so excited this morning that he was riding the Big bus that he woke up at 5am. He told me that he didn't have to have a carseat because he was a BIG boy!!! Logan has been in a school program for therapy since he was 3yo. He rode the "little bus" 4 days a week.

My hubby's Birthday is TODAY!!! What a present to turn 30 yo and have both your boys starting school...hehe He had to work today but the chief let him come in late so he could watch them get on the bus...

I have been cleaning and doing some housework. I have been working on squares for the Warm Up America program. I will post the squares of what I have made. I am gonna get my projects in order and start on them...LOL Since I will have some time on my hands!!!!

I hope everyone has a Wonderful Day!!!!

Sunday, August 14, 2005


My boys are starting Kindergarten in 4 days!!!! YEAH!!! BUT, on the other hand... OH MY GOODNESS!!!! I knew from the beginning of my pregnancy that I was having twins.. At 22 and learning about RESPONSIBILITY was a kicker...(x2) I knew going into it that it was going to be a financial rollercoaster...LOL I am a very career orienated person and me being put into the SAHM world was a BIG adjustment and a strain in the pocketbook if you know what I mean.

Well,,, I go to the store 2 weeks ago to pick up some of there supplies... I almost had a heart attack at what I was suppose to get. I spent about $50 last week and TODAY I go and spend another $50 to get the rest... It is so unreal what they want from the parents. I had to get 12 bottles of GLUE!!!!! and 10 boxes of CRAYONS!!!! and you would not want to hear what everything else in quantity I had to buy....

Our school has the policy in Kindergarten that they have the parents supply ALL of this for the WHOLE class.. BUT 6 bottles of glue!!!! Give me Break!!!! I remember when we bought supplies for ourself... The lady at Walmart just laughed at me when I had 12 bottles of glue and multiples of crayons and markers... I told her, "Its just another day in the life of having twins!!!!" I am glad that they are the only ones I have... NO MORE in this family!!!!

I will finally have a sigh of relief when they are in school and everything starts to settle...hehe

I hope everyone is having a wonderful evening!!!!

TaTa for now!!!

Wednesday, August 10, 2005

WHAT a day I had Yesterday!!!!

Well yesterday I had to take my boys to the Pediatrician for their last couple of Kindergarten shots and a physical... BOY am I stupid to go by myself...ROFL Usually hubby goes with me to help out but he had to work...

Since the boys have been doing A LOT of swimming this summer it wasn't surprising to find out that my son Jacob has a double ear infection with fluid in one of them. I have been treating him since this weekend for swimmer's ear... He hasn't complained at all besides his ears are clogged. I would have been screaming if it was me!!!

Going to the doctor's office is a chore in itself, Yesterday was unbelievable... My other son Logan was sleeping and I had to carry him in but soon after had a burst of energy and I mean someone slipped him a Red Bull....ROFL!!! (Atleast that is what it looked like...)

Our Ped is always looking forward to what the boys are up to now... Well, he got an awakening of his life. Logan was climbing on the table trying to rip down pictures. Jumping from the table to the floor. He even tried his own technique with the knee hammer on the doctor's head....ROFL!!!! I had to promise to pay him money if he would be good... I was desperate for him not to show his butt anymore... ROFL!!! He ripped the paper on the table into little pieces and was throwing at ALL of us and then ripped all of it off the table... I can laugh about it NOW but I was not entertained by it yesterday.... He got a talking of a life time and a few tears from me..I felt like disciplining him right in front of the doctor but I felt that it wasn't the time or the place.

I know why he acts this way but yesterday was not amusing. Logan has been in and out of hospitals with health problems and has seen every specialist KNOWN to man!!! I don't blame him for wanting to rebel because he has been poked and prodding ALL of his life. I just wish he would understand that they are not there to hurt him.

So are on a lighter note, I almost got my first mitten finished. I have to do the thumb but I didn't like how it turned out. I did it on smaller needles and it just looks funky... I will take some pictures of it and post them... I am gonna try some different yarn and see if that is why it came out weird looking.hehe It is a easier pattern than I thought it was going to be. I might explore and see if I can found another pattern.

Sunday, August 07, 2005

My NEXT project!!!

Well this is my next project I am going to accomplish...hehe These Mittens are so cute and I want to make a few for some gifts for Christmas. It is amazing that Christmas in 4 1/2 months!!!! Can you believe that!!!! I guess my scarves and booties and other projects I want to do is going to start VERY soon!!!!!

They have a wonderful pattern that I would like to try through Lion Brand Yarn.


These are so cute!!! I want a pair for myself...

Is anyone else getting ready for their Fall/Winter projects???? It is so hot that it is hard to think about them but I want a head start on them...

Happy Lounging Sunday!!!!

Saturday, August 06, 2005

WEEKEND of Mayhem!!!!!!

My twin boys birthday party was Saturday and boy am I so glad it is OVER!!!!! We had about 20 kids in the pool at one time... Talk about stressful!!! We did not get home until 10pm and started BBQ'ing at around 10am....LOL!!!! It rained for a little bit but nothing that stopped anyone from going swimming!!! It was such a beautiful day. It wasn't too hot for an August day and the kids wore themselves out by playing in the pool all day.

They turned 6 this week and I can't believe it has flown by....hehe They will be starting school in 2 weeks....LOL!!!! On my hubby's birthday.. What a present for him...hehe Back to work for this chick...LOL Don't know what yet but it will be something to bring a second income in the family...

I am ready to tucker out!!! I am glad today is done!!!! Hope everyone has a WONDERFUL weekend. I plan on relaxing tomorrow...hehe

ta ta for now...

Monday, August 01, 2005

I am still HERE!!!! hehe

I haven't got to post in some time and I am going crazy... We took a mini vacation this weekend with our boys down to Lake of the Ozarks. It was such a nice trip!!!! I just wish I would have remembered my camera...LOL!!!! I brought everything but the kitchen sink...hehe (BESIDES the darn camera!!!!)

We stayed in a condominium at
Jonathan's Landing ... It was a very nice place.. Right on the lake... You cannot beat that... We did bumper cars, boats, bunches of go cart, putt putt, arcades, watch taffy being made... The boys loved that... We did a lot of window shopping and ALOT of swimming and laying out... It takes about 2 1/2 hours to get there... soooo ... I couldn't hold off any longer and I finished my Harry Potter book... I was trying to read a couple of chapters here and there but I got into it and couldn't stop... Hubby was mad cuz I read it so FAST!!!! ROFL!!! He told me that he paid a lot of money for that book for me to read it in a couple of days... I told him, " I couldn't help myself!!!" He was like, "Well I guess since I don't read stuff for enjoyment, I wouldn't understand....ROFL!!!!"

The knitting has been on hold and maybe when things slow down... I can start to relax and finish my WIP's that are in need of finishing.

It is TAX FREE weekend!!!! I wish it could be on EVERYTHING!!!! I would be stocking up my shelves and drawers with yarn!!!!