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Me and my obsession has come a long way since last couple of years... I definitely still consider myself a beginner and always looking to improve my obsession. I think it is my "CALGON"... It takes me away from my busy life with a wonderful husband and 8yo twin boys... YIKES!!! I never understood how addicting yarn could be until I started knitting.. I have crochet for some time on and off but I never felt attached to it as I do with knitting...

Monday, April 23, 2007

Pictures You ALL!!! Hehe

Glee Tee is coming along slowly but I am getting there.. It just gets boring to do stockinette stitch...LOL I do love working with this Shine Sport from Knit Picks . I definitely could see some more projects working with this yarn again.

The SLOW knitting is the cause of the next 2 pictures that you see... Slowly but surely we are packing our store and trying to get the cheeseburger smell out of the store.. It use to be a restaraunt. It kind of makes me think twice on where I eat now... YUCKY!!!! I have been disinfecting and cleaning everyday and so I have seen much progress with how the store is looking and smelling...LOL!!!!

The Store has been our life for the past year and I am coping with not being a SAHM and learning more about motors than I really cared to at first... A year ago, all I knew how to do is start the key on my 4-wheeler and ride...

Talking to men on a daily basis is challenging when they know more than you at this sport... HEY, LOOK!!! A DUMB BLONDE AT THE COUNTER!!!!"

If I don't know the answer I just smile REAL BIG and hope for the BEST!!!!! It has helped me out many of times...hehe I am not mechanically inclined by any means... I have learned soooo much from my husband and mechanic that I would have never dreamed.... Sitting and watching them work on bikes has definitely gave me a greater understanding on how things work...

I am so shy when it comes to talking to people I don't know and in an environment that I didn't know nothing about... I have overcomed fears that I never thought I would... You stick me in a bank I could run it but put me in a business that is so NEW to me is stressful...

I am getting there and hoped to know these motors inside and out one of these days..


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Saturday was ME Day!!!!!

Hubby and the boys went racing for the day... I had the WHOLE day to myself!!!! I really needed a day to myself... In my past post, you know how my couple of months have been.... I would have went yarn shopping but I swore to myself that I needed to finish my Zephyr Glee tee before I started looking for other projects...

So what was a girl to do all by herself.... (My next BEST thing!!!!) Clothes shopping!!!! Hubby and everyone close to me is quite sick of looking at my clothes that are showing sides of me that I would rather not show the whole world...LOL!!! Crack kills ya know... ROFL!!!! In the past year or so, I have lost a total of 60lbs. I thought to myself that I couldn't keep blaming my extra weight on having twins anymore since they are 7 yo....hehe

The past couple of months my husband has been sneaky!!! He has been throwing away underwear that I wore when I was pregnant with the boys.... I know that is embarrassing...LOL!!!! Every time we would go to the store he would say, "GO BUY SOME UNDERWEAR THAT FIT!!!!!" Of course, what women would not take the offer to go buy some under garments...hehe I would have to go home and throw away how many ever pieces that I bought from my drawers....ROFL!!

(Anyway, enough on the underwear escapade!)

I went clothes shopping to about 6 different store Saturday to find that I am really not happy with the fashion designers..... I am OK with the 80's retro look!!!! I am not OK with the shorts!!!! I can't tell you how many shorts I tried on but it was A LOT!!!!! The fashion this year is SUPER LOW or BOY SHORTS!!!! I do have to admit that I do have a little junk in the trunk that I am OK with and I wouldn't change it... The super low shorts are so short that it hits your pelvic bone... (How is that suppose to be enjoyable???) I have a backside so I would have to get a size bigger to fit the bootie and then they wouldn't fit in the waist... GRRRRR!!!! I like my shorts to hit my hips but not 2 inches below my hips...

Boy shorts are cute but I would like to have a little more variety.... I did find a couple of shorts at the Local Old Navy!!!! Thanks Old Navy for thinking of me!!! I like the retro 80's cotton short dresses like this but the leggings that are back in are not for me...

Well, enough on my ranting... I didn't break the bank or anything but I did come out of the day feeling refreshed and with some cute outfits... It felt kind of nice to spend some ME time!!!! I haven't had that for some time and it was nice... After I came home from shopping I sat my but on my fav chair and watched 2 movies and knitted... It was surreal and I enjoyed every minute of it... I think all of us are entitled to a day of ME TIME!!!! Ü Pictures coming your way...


Tuesday, April 17, 2007


Do you ever feel like you need a vacation from the every day lifestyle... I SO could use a day to myself sipping on a nice iced mocha and knitting on sunny beach with sand between my toes....LOL!!! Is that too much to ask...

My life has been a whirl wind that has mean going in every direction.... I don't know if I have said much on the blog about My husband and I owning our own ATV store... We have had it up and going since last July... I work it during the day while my husband works it in the evening hours ( after his other bring home the bacon job...hehe) We had the opportunity to move into a BIGGER and BETTER storefront this past week..... WOOOOO!!!! Not only has tax season sucked... (Doesn't it for all of us....LOL!!!) I have been getting paper work to the accountant and so forth and dealing with the moving process.... We moved our store this past weekend and I am so thankful it is OVER!!!! This Capricorn is not good with change and so it has been stressful for this chick....LOL!!!! I am happy that our store is moving up... If you would like to see what it is all about, here is a link to our website: Adrenaline ATV You will see the justification on why I can say YES, I am going to buy some YARN today...hehe You would probably pass out to know that in just one of my hubbies bikes there is about $15,000... YES, that is not a typo!!!! AND, I thought I had an obsession with yarn... I try to not think about it...LOL!!! I could have my brand NEW CAR!!! (Anyway, I am off the subject...hehe)

My mom and my sister have started a new business also. They were moving this weekend as well... WOOHOO!!! BOY, do we know how to plan it!!!!

So Knitting NEWS!!!! I have had little time to knit on my Glee sweater but it has came out of its cubby... We dyed about 20 skeins of yarn in the past 2 weeks and so my needles have only seen swatches....LOL!!!!

I have some wonderful books that I would like to read in the near future... Does anyone else need a little vacation??? Maybe we can have a cyber vacation together...

I plan on putting up some pics when I get a new battery for my digital camera... Come Back soon!!! Just don't mind the cobwebs on my blog....ROFL!!!! Ü


Sunday, April 08, 2007

Happy Easter!!!

Happy Easter to you ALL!!! I hope you all have a wonderful Holiday with your family and friends.

It is nice and COOL in the Midwest. I was hoping for that 80 degree weather we were having a week ago. I know the kids don't mind but it is cold!!!!

The Easter Bunny had a since of humor this YEAR!!!! LOL!!! The boys got some New tooth brushes for all the candy and other stuff they got this morning...hehe

I have been niddy noddying skeins of yarn this weekend to put up on ETSY.. My arms are getting a workout. Since the Holiday we weren't able to do the other skeins we have waiting. Next week we will have the rest dyed.

We have 2 places to travel today... I hope you all have a wonderful day!!!


Tuesday, April 03, 2007

Check this OUT!!!!

I just read "Cheryl" Out of the Box blog today and signed up to be in a drawing for the NEW DYSON at 5MinutesforMOM ... That Dyson Slim is quite enticing... Go over there and sign up for the drawing... They have it going until Weds. April 4th 1:00 Eastern time...

I had to go to the doctor today for the Yucky appt. I am so glad that is over... I was trying to find every excuse possible to not to go.... The only reason I went this morning is because my husband has the stomach flu and I did not want to be at home...

I don't know about you all out there but I am a GERM-A-PHOBE to the core!!!! He told me that he was up at 2am this morning. I started to get sick to my stomach and almost had a anxiety attack right there.... UGGGGG!!!!! I started to spray with my trusty Lysol every crevice of my house from top to bottom this morning until I had to leave... I have been freaking out ALL DAY!!!! I had the shakes at the dr's office today just thinking about it... It is a little case of OCD if you ask me... I have been this way ever since I had my boys... Going through their ordeal in the NICU for 3 months and not going in public with my boys until after they turned a year old changed me.

We went through the RSV shots and you name it... I was so bad that I washed my hands so many times a day that it looked like Freddy Krueger lived with me.. My hands were a bloody pulp and I had to wear gloves because they hurt so bad...

I hate feeling this way and I definitely do not want to pass it on to my boys...LOL!!!! I know I do rub off on them a little though... My son was in a public bathroom...ewwww... He tells me, "MOM, I didn't touch the handle!!!!"

Anyway, enough about me and my hang-ups.... Sorry to ramble!!! I still have been knitting on GLEE!!!! I borrowed the NEW James Patterson book and bought the New Lynsay Sands book... I just hope I get some time to read... I miss reading...hehe

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