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Me and my obsession has come a long way since last couple of years... I definitely still consider myself a beginner and always looking to improve my obsession. I think it is my "CALGON"... It takes me away from my busy life with a wonderful husband and 8yo twin boys... YIKES!!! I never understood how addicting yarn could be until I started knitting.. I have crochet for some time on and off but I never felt attached to it as I do with knitting...

Tuesday, May 30, 2006

Are you Movie goers?

I found an AWESOME website that gives you the low-down on what movies are coming for the next 2 years. Until January 2007. When you get into 2007, it is less of a selection only because they don't have them set in stone yet...

Movies Coming Soon

They do have some pretty cool movies coming out though..

Ocean 13
Pirates of the Carribean 2 this year and #3 next year
Spiderman 3
Fantastic Four 2
Saw III this year
Young Hannibal (the story of hannibal lecter growing up)
Shrek 3
Harry Potter and the Order of the Phoenix
Spiderwick Chronicles
Rocky Balboa

Plumpy!!!! It looks like Guilty Pleasures will be out next year!!! I am thinking it is the Anita Blake series but it doesn't have much of a description...

These are some of the sequels that I seen that were coming out... You will have to check it out!!! I found it by looking up Toy Story III... But, got quickly disappointed that Disney and Pixar are having issues...boohoo...

I hope everyone had a beautiful weekend!!!

Today is a lounging day!!!!hehe


Friday, May 26, 2006

Picture FRENZY!!!!

I have been playing WAY TOO MANY games online lately....LOL!!!! Wendy has me addicted to that Fish Tycoon. I have been playing Cake Mania, Pizza Frenzy, and Roller Rush...LOL!!!!

Anyway, Here are some pictures of my shrug.. Sorry for the head cut off...LOL!!! My battery died when I was trying to get another picture.. It will do for now though...LOL!!! The shrug is a little big for me but I don't care, I LOVE IT!!!! I don't think I will ever do that pattern again but it came out cute...LOL

My purse was under the influence of antibiotics so I had a little flub in it but I am hoping it will fix itself when it is felted...LOL!!!! I still have to weave the yarn ends in...LOL I have another pattern I am working on that is in a DEEP PURPLE!!! It will be so pretty when it is finished... I have to hop on it so I can help Wendy out with the other patterns that have to finished in the next week...LOL

Our family always waits right down to the wire to get things done...ROFL!!! Myself included!!! LOL I guess it is in the Genes...hehe

I wanted to try out the square that Plumpy had finished and I just love how easy it is. It was curling so I had the help of Hello Kitty to show off how the green pops out from the pink... It takes a gazillion little squares to finish a blanket but it is definitely something easy you can take with you and work on in between projects...

I received a WHOLE BUNCH of yarn from Plumpy the other day that would be perfect to make up these squares... These squares might be something I work on in the summer since WOOL is kind of hard to work with in the hot and sticky weather...

Satori "MUG Tagged" me!!!!! hehe What a great idea!!!! My mug, I like to drink my coffee out of is an angel mug that my mom gave me for Christmas... LOVE IT!!!!! I drink strong coffee with cream and some splenda...LOL!!!! Yes, I am a splenda girl...hehe I have been drinking splenda in my coffee for over a year... I never would have thought I would have gotten use to it since sweeteners are YUCKY in HOT beverages... NOW, I can't even drink coffee with regular sugar... I get such a SUGAR RUSH!!!!

I was down at my moms the other day and my sister made me a cup of coffee with sugar and I took the first sip and WHEW!!!!! It was SWEET!!!! I asked her if it was sugar... She said, " YEAH, WHY!!!!" I told her, "I drink it with SPLENDA!!!" ROFL I told her thank you and I drank it anyway but man-o-man was it is SWEET!!!!


SHINGLES and not the ones on the ROOF!!!!! YUCK!!!

I have been battling shingles for the past 2 weeks on my back... YUCK!!!! I only got it a little on my shoulder blade but that was enough to put me in a world wind....LOL!!! I went to the doctor for the first time in 7 years... (Hints....the birth of the twins...LOL!!!!)

It was quite a funny story if you ask me...LOL!!!! On Mother's Day, Wendy&Chase, my Aunt, my mom, my sister, and myself were enjoying a breakfast with our moms...hehe (I thought I had poison ivy on my back) I told my mom and my aunt to look at it to see what they thought... I told them it was BURNING, TINGLING, and itching occasionally.. I showed them and BOTH said, "THAT is SHINGLES!!!!!" (Mind you: we are in a public place... ROFL!!!) Everybody in the restaurant looked at me like I had the PLAGUE!!!!!

I was like, "What the HECK are Shingles???" ( I knew they were something to do with the Chicken Pox but that was all I knew) My Aunt and my mother were lecturing "LIKE MOTHERS" about I need to get into the DR. IMMEDIATELY!!!!! They later told me it was caused by STRESS!!!! WELL, WHOOP-DE-DOO!!!! Stress is my middle name....LOL!!! I have twin boys... I should have had them from the beginning... ROFL!!!!

Anyway, I proceeded to tell them that I had the worse sinus headache (like my eyeballs were about to pop out!!!) and I was having tingling from my back to the top of my head....hehe They lectured me some more...

I went home and looked up EVERYTHING I could on this little nasty thing and found out that it hits your nervous system.... OH YEAH!!!! It can impair your eyesight if not treated quickly... (That is what scared me!!!!)

The next morning I had an appointment with the doctor... I was having shooting pain down my right arm pit and arm...

The Dr. fixed me up with some antibiotics and asked what I was stressed about... I told her nothing more than day to day life...

Well, anyway the antibiotic is another story in itself...LOL I am so GLAD to be off that stuff!!!! It made me sooooo Dizzy, lethargic, sick to my stomach at times, and my motor skills were sooooo off!!!!!

I poked myself in the eye with a mascara brush.. (not the normal way I would do it... Literally stuck the thing straight in my eyeball....) ROFL!!!! No concept of depth I guess.

I had a BEE get stuck in my pony tail and tried to swoop it out and instead I missed my hair and KARATE CHOPPED my NOSE!!!!! I almost broke the darn thing....ROFL!!! It was bleeding and everything....hehe My hubby looks at me and says, "That is one of the stupidest things I have seen you do in a LONG TIME!!!!" WELL DUH, I am loopy on this medicine!!!!!

Anyway please LAUGH at my expense... ROFL!!! I have been laughing at myself for the past 2 weeks...

I have MANY pictures of my projects I have been working on.. I finished the shrug and a bag for my aunt and working on another bag..

I will post my pictures TODAY!!!!! I am so happy with the Shrug!!! I actually got to wear it before it turned 90 degrees..hehe

Have a wonderful SAFE Holiday!!!!


Friday, May 12, 2006

Poorly written patterns BUM me OUT!!

I figured out this STUPID pattern!!!!! The wording on this pattern is jumbled and I almost retired it completely....ROFL I am almost done with the darn thing and it gives me trouble... I was thinking that all that blonde dye might be finally getting to my brain.... ROFL!!!! At least I am not the only one having trouble with this pattern.... I don't know if anyone else hates to purl back on a big project but, it is sooooooo tedious....hehe

I am hoping I can finish this thing before the weather changes!!!!! I worked on my sock last night since the shrug was in time-out!!!! I will be finishing the toe on the first sock and starting on the second sock as quickly as possible... I have some other sock yarn I am dying to get my hands on....LOL

I am going to a Mother's Day Tea for my boys today!!!! It is going to be interesting how it plays out since I have 2 appointments at the same time... That is the story of my life though!!!!! I should be use to it by now but with them in school now is kicking my butt this year....ROFL!!!!! I am so thankful that I only had to go through pregnancy ONCE but 2 at one time can be a hand full... It is so much easier now that they are older but this SCHOOL thing has really taught me how to be an even BETTER multi-tasker...LOL!!!!

I hope all of you have a wonderful Mother's Day!!!


Thursday, May 11, 2006

Shrug ME!!!!

Well, with ALL this RAIN and cool weather I have been frantic over finishing this little shrug... The Bernat yarn I am using is soft and easy to work with. The only problem is the pattern... grrrrr Wendy and I have been doing the same shrug but in different colors. I love how it is turning out. I am almost done with my decreases and then I will be starting on the front. If I can get through this pattern I will probably do another one in a different color.

I have kind of stopped on my socks for now until I get done with my shrug.. I am at the toe of my first sock and after I get the other sock done I will start on the second sock.

On a sad note: My husband's grandmother passed away last night. She has been battling alzheimer's for quite some time. It is so hard to lose a loved one. She was our last grandparent living...

Saturday, May 06, 2006

WELL, it is a day to CELEBRATE!!!!

For MANY reasons: LOL!!!! My life is getting back to normal again. (Besides the ongoing tball..hehe which I don't mind) I finished up my survey project and my knitting blunders are over... YEAH!!!! I am knitting up the same shrug that PLUMPY is knitting up... (BUT, in a different colorway...YEAH!!!!!) Pictures will be posted shortly...

Today, of course, if you have read Plumpy's blog you know what kind of eventful day we had...ROFL!!! To start the day it began with my DS telling us, " LOOK!!! There is BIG Toilet paper rolls on the sign!!!!" (The ZOO sign in the front gates look like toilet paper rolls...LOL) Out of the mouthes of babes.....ROFL!!!

I think I have whip lash from turning around so much looking for "DOUBLE TROUBLE!!!! ROFL Even though it was a little nerve racking at times it was a beautiful day to be at the zoo... The ONE place I HATE at the St Louis Zoo is the Reptile house.... YUCKY!!!! Not my cup of tea, if you know what I mean. One of my DS is in AWE over those nasty creatures...hehe I trudged along looking at the scaly creatures trying not to get the willies....LOL!!!

To top off our exiting day with stinky animals...ROFL!!!! We were leaving the ZOO and we were waiting for a car to parallel park and my sister stopped. The car behind us proceeds to HONK!!!! We decided to go around to please the other driver... As we are going through Forest Park this butthead tries to pass us, he wanted to play chicken.... MIND YOU!!!! One lane street... What is the deal with these
people!!!!!!!! The guy slams on his brakes and completely stops the car... It was on!!! As they start moving again we notice on the back of the truck is a sign, "BEEP, Just MARRIED!!!!" WELL, LA DE DA!!!!! Bride and groom starting their first day in marriage harrassing innocent bystanders..... Anyway, it gave us a laugh while driving home...

Thank goodness the secret "tell you off sign" did not offend the kids in the back...hehe Just a little joke that I have been doing since watching FRIENDS way back when... Ross and Monica had there own little hand gestures to say choice words without being caught by their parents... Well, this diva has her own little gesture without little ones getting the drift... Other people think I am crazy but OH WELL!!!! It humors me and makes me giggle!!!!

So today ended with myself, my sister and my mom going to see MI: III!!!! It was good!!! There were some parts of the movie that had some lame acting but the action was good...

I am glad to be back to blogging and knitting... I hope you guys didn't forget about me....sniff...sniff