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Me and my obsession has come a long way since last couple of years... I definitely still consider myself a beginner and always looking to improve my obsession. I think it is my "CALGON"... It takes me away from my busy life with a wonderful husband and 8yo twin boys... YIKES!!! I never understood how addicting yarn could be until I started knitting.. I have crochet for some time on and off but I never felt attached to it as I do with knitting...

Sunday, June 11, 2006

OHHH the Rain!!!!

The house was silent this morning until after 9am...hehe It actually was nice to sleep in.. Hubby had to work all weekend and so the boys and I were on the go all weekend... The boys had a T-ball game yesterday afternoon and I thought I was going to die from the heat and humidity... GOTTA LOVE MIDWEST WEATHER!!!! I was drench and so were the boys... The humidity level was horrible yesterday.

After the game it looked like it was going to start raining any minute. We definitely needed the rain last night.. It is still raining, so no swimming today...LOL!!!

I have not been successful enough to knit this weekend because I had to catch up on some books that came out...LOL Poor Plumpy gets a call Tuesday morning to let her know that our MaryJanice Davidson is OUT!!!! Well of course, NO ONE had it out on TUESDAY!!!! I had to go to a Dr's visit Friday and picked it up at B&N and Plumpy picked it up the same day at Borders... She had a coupon...hehe "Little Snot"....

I hate when books are only released once a year in a series....LOL!!!! I try to hold out on reading it so soon so I won't be mad that I have to wait until next year for the next... I really get "TICKED" about the Harry Potter series.... 2 YEARS!!!! COME ON!!!! I have about 10 books on my shelf I have yet to read... Summer time is kind of my laxed time on knitting because I hate sweating and trying to knit so I READ!!!!

I have been working on another felted bag that the color is AMAZING!!!! It is one of the truest BLUES out there...LOL!!!! I just love this pattern... My poor digital camera is HATING me right now or I would have pictures.... BOOHOO!!! We have had a Canon for over 5 years and the battery is about retired.. I have been Digital Camera shopping but I just haven't been able to find the perfect one I want. I love my Elph because it is so compact and we have never went wrong with Canon. I usually watch the Tech show to see the best quality digital cameras but I have not found one that I have fell over about... If it was up to me I would have a REBEL!!!! DANG, those things are $$$$ Pricey$$$$$

So, enough of me crying about my baby...hehe I will sooner or later get me a NEW one....

I think I am going to stay with the smaller project this summer...hehe I think I will be a SOCK girl!!! I made me a sunglass holder out of the cotton yarn since I am always losing my sunglasses. It attaches by a button to your purse.... LOVE IT!!!!

Well, I loaded the pic's and NOW Blogger won't let me download them...grrrrr..


Sunglass Holder
I used size 7 needles with the Sugar and Cream cotton yarn. You can use any yarn you have laying around. I did this pattern with the "Magic Loop" method. It could be modified with DPN's or sewing up the seams. Whichever way you feel comfortable.

Cast on 28 (Place marker and join)

Knit in the round until the holder is long enough for your sunglasses. I knitted 38 rows.(Slide your sunglasses in the holder to guestimate the length.)

Flip the holder inside out and do a 3-needle bind off. 3-Needle Bind Off Instructions

You can add your handles by Picking up 3-5 stitches and knitting Stockinette stitch for the preferred length. On the other side at the end you can make a buttonhole for your closure.

Bind off and sew in seams... How EASY is that!!!!

Mine is attached to my purse so I have easy access to my sunglasses... When I can get blogger to upload my pictures, I will add the photo.

I hope you all like it!!! Have a Beautiful Sunday!!!!



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