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Me and my obsession has come a long way since last couple of years... I definitely still consider myself a beginner and always looking to improve my obsession. I think it is my "CALGON"... It takes me away from my busy life with a wonderful husband and 8yo twin boys... YIKES!!! I never understood how addicting yarn could be until I started knitting.. I have crochet for some time on and off but I never felt attached to it as I do with knitting...

Friday, November 17, 2006

Scarf Season is Here!!!!

Ok, the scarf season is here to stay. Only the memories of nice warm weather is in the back of my mind.... I should be upset (which in a way I am)... But, I have found a new love for this Bow Knot Scarf...hehe The pattern is SUPER EASY!!! I finished this real pale pink scarf that is scrumptious. It is SUPER SOFT!!!! I wanted to make a hat with it but decided to do a panta... The Winter does not like my hair and the static is horrendous... I usually keep it in a pony tail when I have a bad hair day... A hat really won't cut it... I can't wait for the Panta to be done... It will be a cute pair... I plan on making some more of these scarves but with some suede yarn or a nice super soft wool... ( I haven't decided yet...hehe)

I have been knitting on my Pepto Pink sweater that is quite LARGE... I gauged and everything but when I started this I was about 20lbs heavier too... The stockinette stitch is sooooo boring and so I have to do a little here and there.... I am up to the arms... I might get some done on it this weekend...

We are having a KNIT OUT for beginners this weekend at my mom's house!!!! We have about 10 girlies that want to learn to knit... How exciting is that!!!! Knitting is sooooo addicting... Especially when you see all the GREAT things you can knit up... Can't wait!!! We have 4 girls that know how to knit... Plumpy will be helping me!!! We are going to have our hands FULL!!!!




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