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Me and my obsession has come a long way since last couple of years... I definitely still consider myself a beginner and always looking to improve my obsession. I think it is my "CALGON"... It takes me away from my busy life with a wonderful husband and 8yo twin boys... YIKES!!! I never understood how addicting yarn could be until I started knitting.. I have crochet for some time on and off but I never felt attached to it as I do with knitting...

Saturday, December 02, 2006

Icy Updates

Well, it has not gotten any better in the St Louis Area.... boohoo My parents are still without power. They said that it could take up to 5 days to have power restored. The National Guard is out knocking on peoples doors today. I can't remember the numbers but 14 states are coming out to help the electric company. We still have 1/2 million people without power.

Wendy's mommy got powered yesterday afternoon. My Aunt Sherry and Plumpy are still without power... God Love'm!!!

I talked to Wendy this morning and they stayed at their house the first night. Chase and her were huddled in her bed under the covers... She was knitting away on a hat...hehe I wonder why.... Last night she stayed at our aunts that had a little generator. She said that she was still cold and didn't get much sleep... Poor thing!!! She went back this morning to get some clean clothes and found that ALL of her fish were FROZEN!!!!

My parents I think have had enough of the cold and decided that tonight they are staying in a nice warm bed at my sister's house. They have a fire place but they were waking up every hour to keep wood on... They have been cooking on camping gear and I think they have left their pride at the door step. They want a warm bed. (which I don't blame them)

I will have pictures of the beautiful scenery that has turned our town upside down shortly. My batteries are waiting to be charged.

I knitted a hat for my niece today... I will have pictures of that also. I took a break from my hoodie for now because I am very close to running out of yarn. I am working on both of the sleeves. I am thinking about starting another hat for my nephew but I haven't decided what I want to do.. I have a tree to decorate also... The Tree is up but nothing is on it....ROFL!!!! I don't have any ambitions to do anything right now... I have laundry galore downstairs but it is COLD down in the basement....brrrrr!!!!

I will keep you all updated on the power situation with Plumpy... I am praying that it will come on SOON!!!!


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